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May 26 2017

Five Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Spring and Summer

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The long, cold winter has finally come to an end, and homeowners everywhere are dreaming of a new start. From paint to patio sets, get spring- and summer-ready with the following five tips for seasonally appropriate home design.

 1.      Breathe New Life into Rooms with Fresh, Lively Color

One of the easiest ways to refresh your home's interior design is to give it a fresh coat of paint. Instead of simply replacing an old color with a safe stand-by, consider a new hue that pushes you out of your initial comfort zone.


For the last couple of years, one of the top interior paint trends has been to pair relaxed neutrals with a strong accent wall. Now, although accent walls are still a great solution, it's all about pushing the envelope with especially bold shades. Green is a top choice for 2017, so emerald, olive, and even lime are back on the menu. If green's not your style, try rich amethysts, buttery yellows, or deep, oceanic blues.



Of course, adding color to your home isn't just about painting the walls; colorful décor, bright blooms, striking artwork and eye-catching textiles are all perfect for adding versatile colors that can be easily swapped out, changed, and re-used for years to come. Choose a single-color palette in varying shades (magenta, bubblegum, and powder pink, for example), or pair complementary colors like blue and orange for a more vivid and daring look.



2.         Try Out a Cutting-Edge Decorating Trend


If you're feeling gutsy and want to try something really new and ahead-of-the-curve this year, it might be the right time to jump in on a hot upcoming trend before it becomes old news. Rather than taking notes from last year's interior design handbook, take a peek at what the professionals see as up-and-coming and get in on the action before anyone else.


According to Vogue, tropical prints and geometric patterns are coming back with a vengeance this year, and an easy way to bring them into your current style is to add printed or patterned throw pillows, tablecloths, rugs, or wall hangings. Be careful not to overdo it, however—you don't want your house to look like a geometry textbook or an old Hawaiian shirt.



Bronze is also expected to be big, says Vogue. Whether it's used in lighting fixtures, furniture hardware, wallpaper, or décor pieces, bronze is a great way to bring warmth and brightness to a space. Combine bronze-colored accents with other concepts (e.g., a decorative geometric bronze wire fruit bowl/basket) for an especially trendy touch.



Unique, quirky lighting is another popular trend that can completely change the look and feel of a room. Add an odd-shaped table lamp or colorful floor lamp to a room for an interesting focal point. You can also mix styles in an unexpected way; combining a very traditional style of décor and furniture with a modern, geometric lamp (complete with an industrial-looking Edison bulb) can give an unexpected twist to an existing design.



3.            Employ Unique Accent Pieces


Upcycling items for new uses or re-designing old furniture are two great money-saving DIY methods of adding new, seasonal details to your home. Turn an old metal watering can into a cute table centerpiece with some silk flowers or refinish an old dresser in a bright, robin's egg blue, and then highlight accents and edges with a metallic copper or gold paint for a breathtaking result.


Using décor as visual focal points is also a great way to showcase your personality and share your family's experiences. Is your family known for its geek culture interests? Make geek-chic part of your home's unique style by using figures, collectibles, comic art, etc. as room accents. Similarly, frequent travelers can make even simple souvenirs into conversation pieces by highlighting them on shelving or in decorative wall cubes.



4.           Use Fresh, Floral, and Fruity Scents to Create a Sense of Vitality

Making your home spring and summer ready isn't just about the visual—it's about all the senses. When it comes to interior decorating, it's easy to forget the power that scent has over the way a home can feel. Any fragrance source will work: candles, oil diffusers, fragrance melts, or sprays will all provide a satisfying smell, so opt for whichever you prefer.



Spring is all about starting fresh and cleaning house, so a clean, crisp scent like citrus or linen is a classic go-to. If you're a fan of florals, consider something subtle and relaxing like lilac or lavender. For the homeowner with a sweet tooth, try a mellow and slightly sweet scent like vanilla cupcake.


Summer, by comparison, is a time of fun and sun. The hot months are a great time to try out a variety of exciting, pleasure-inducing scents. Classic summer fruit choices like watermelon, strawberry, and blueberry can fill your home with refreshing fragrance, or turn your living room into a tropical vacation spot with a tasty mango, lime, or coconut scent.



5.           Take It Outside with Beautiful Landscaping and Patio Decor



There's only one way to truly enjoy all that spring and summer have to offer, and that's by spending time outdoors. No matter the size of your property, there's always a little something you can do to make your home's exterior stand out.


                      If you have something of a green thumb, you might want to try some new landscaping this spring. Do some research into what kinds of flowers and plants grow well in your region (so that they'll do well and continue to look nice), and then spend some time planning out your plots. Make sure to consider how the colors provided by flowering plants will accent your home's exterior paint, siding, or stone.


                      For the family who loves to entertain on the deck or patio, this spring and summer are the perfect time to update your patio dining area, lounge furniture, lighting, and appliances. Refresh still-functional chairs by simply replacing the cushions with more current designs. Remember, too, that sometimes all it takes is a little cleaning up; have your deck or patio power-washed to restore its original brightness and beauty.



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