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August 30 2017

Tips for Incorporating Your Style into Your New Home

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When you finally buy a new home, you may wonder how to ensure that your home looks and feels good and reflects your personal style. Tradition has dictated that a home must be decorated in a certain way. However, today, your home can reflect any style you wish. 

Urbandale is a family-run builder of high-quality homes in Ottawa. Over the past 35 years, we have received several industry awards and recognition for our dedication to the thorough research, quality materials, and attention to detail we put into every home we build.


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There are many ways to incorporate your personal style into all areas of your home but, first, you must define that style, which is something many homeowners struggle with.


An Objective Eye

Before you even start packing, take a walk around your old home. Act as though you are walking through someone else’s home and try to pick out those items you really love. Also, take a look at the wall colour; is it a colour that appeals to you, and, if not, what colour would you choose? Next, look at what pictures adorn the walls. Do some ‘pop out’ more to you than others?


The first step to defining your personal style is to get rid of anything you don’t absolutely love. You may discover that some of the items you’ve been keeping were just there to fill empty space and maybe won’t contribute to how to find your decorating style.


You can also use this objective eye when visiting the homes of friends and family. Is there something you really like about their homes? What is it, and what would you need to do to have something similar in your new home?


The key is to first determine whether the items in your home reflect who you are or whether they are simply there to serve some kind of purpose. Once you’ve done this and gone through other items, like any collections you may have, you will have a better idea of your personal style.


Use and Inspiration

Certain items like photos often end up stored away out of sight. You may be able to use some of these items in your home’s décor. For example, a collection of family photos from a summer trip can be placed into a multi-photo frame to decorate a wall and enjoy. If the photos are fragile, scanning and printing copies to hang can allow you to keep the originals protected.


You might have travelled to a certain place that you fell in love with, or wish to visit there someday. Regardless, patterns and styles from these places can serve you well in terms of décor for your new home; all that’s needed is to think about what you find special about the location.


Your wardrobe also says much about you, and can provide you with lots of clues as to how your home should be ‘dressed’.


Hobbies and other interests can also help you define how to decorate your new home. If you love to read, your décor can include a collection of your most beloved books. Or, if you love animals, there are plenty of ways to express this, from animal-themed patterns to knick-knacks.


More Than One Style

When trying to define your personal style, it’s important not to limit yourself to just one; indeed, there may be several different styles that you find attractive. Your new home can be decorated in any way you wish; you can have a specific theme in each room or only one or two rooms, or you can choose a single style that you love best and extend that style throughout your home.


Name It

Once you know more about your main style, you can name it. Why do this? Because articulating your style will help you to know where to find the right items.


Art Deco

If you find that many of your pieces have geometric patterns, mirrored surfaces, and rounded fronts, you may be a fan of the Art Deco period of the 1920s and 30s. If this is your style, you will have plenty to choose from in terms of items for your new home, including:


·             Accents made of marble and metal

·             Dark and polished wood

·             Fancy chandeliers

·             Velvet, silk, and other luxury fabrics



Should a marriage of bold and simple be attractive to you, the Modern style may reflect your taste perfectly. Modern is a fun style that is seen in some decorated model homes. It combines saturated colour blocks in bold hues with simple furniture. Some elements of this style include:


·             Abstract patterns

·             Bold accent colors

·             A mixture of light and dark woods

·             Furniture having plain and tapered legs

·             A minimalist feel


It’s important to remember that trip through your old home, and the items and collections you curated for your new home in Kanata or another location. Can that special scarf be framed and hung in a sewing room or that vintage pair of skis go in a study?

Moroccan and Bohemian

Your style may be free-spirited if you enjoy gauzy fabrics and bright, varied prints. This style is often referred to as both Moroccan and Bohemian. However, the truth is that there is a fine line between them.


Saturated jewel tones in luxury fabrics and mosaics usually define the more structured Moroccan style, as can combining several different patterns. To get this look, you’ll want to seek out:


·             Ornate wooden accents

·             Oriental rugs

·             Floor cushions

·             Coloured glass vases, jugs, and other vessels


Bohemian style has a lighter and airier feel. You can incorporate live plants and any number of colours into this style. With Bohemian, anything goes; there are really no rules, except to be fearless. You can paint your walls any colour or just choose to go bold with your furniture. Some elements you can include in your Bohemian space are:


·             Antique mirrors

·             Paper lanterns

·             Beaded curtains

·             Hanging chairs


Shabby Chic

Shabby chic is a very popular choice for many homeowners. Perhaps this is because it pays homage to the old country homestead. Shabby chic is all about faded florals, distressed finishes, vintage accents, and romance, but it is a decidedly modern style. Some of the elements of shabby chic style in homes construction include:


·             Aged wood or metal furniture

·             Earthenware vases

·             Vintage picture frames

·             Antique clocks


Once You've Defined Your Style

It’s only after you’ve defined your style that you should start shopping but, even then, it’s important to start small.


The Bedroom

Because you will be spending a lot of your time there, your bedroom is a good place to begin with incorporating your personal style. Choose a high-quality bed and window coverings and, if you’re purchasing a new bed, ensure it’s something you will love for a long time.


Wait for the Rest

For other areas of the home, you may be able to wait a month or two before making any purchases. In fact, it’s strongly advised that you do this. The reason is that living in your home will give you an idea of what you need.


For example, you may have planned to spend money on the renovation of a room but, now that you’ve moved in, you may realise that this is not as important to you as providing a comfortable space for your guests.


Your Home Is Not a Showroom

While shopping for the right elements for your home, you may be tempted to be done with it all and purchase everything in a coordinating set. Although this might be convenient, it will not reflect your personal style completely.


Don't Forget Those Existing Items

It’s important to remember that trip through your old home, and the items and collections you curated for your new home in Kanata or another location. Can that special scarf be framed and hung in a sewing room or that vintage pair of skis go in a study?


urban living room


The Urbandale range of home models includes Bungalows, Singles, and Townhomes in a wide variety of styles to suit your unique style. The homes we build are not only of high quality but are energy efficient. The Urbandale difference is in the way we construct the attics, windows, and foundations of homes, as well as several other features. Visit our contact page to find an Urbandale Construction near you.

Don’t underestimate the power of rotation, either; those much-loved items that you can’t part with don’t have to live in the same space forever; they can be relocated from time to time, increasing your enjoyment of them and freshening your space.


Defining your personal style may take time, but the finished product will be something that you can enjoy for many years. The same is true of the style of your home.


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