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The Urbandale Difference

Discover the Urbandale Difference
We take pride in continuing to be leaders in innovative construction techniques to build the best possible homes. We consider the house as a system to ensure that all the components of the home are integrated and optimized for comfort and durability. Below are just some examples of what we do differently:

  • Our attic space is designed with a raised heel truss to make room for extra insulation to allow for proper air movement - keeping your home warm.

  • Our windows are designed for the Arctic's Zone 3 climate, instead of Ottawa's Zone 2. Our windows are the best at keeping out the cold and unwanted noise.

  • Our homes are extremely airtight and exceed the strigent airtightness levels of the ENERGY STAR® Program. An airtight home prevents cold drafts and is more soundproof.

  • We use the most energy efficient mechanical equipment, including a 95% AFUE furnace, condensing rental hot water tank, drain water heat recovery unit, heat recovery ventilator and high capacity bypass flow through humidifier. High performance equipment ensures you save money on monthly energy bills. 

Building Better Basements with our Proud Foundations™
One thing that everyone wants in a home is more usable space. All too often basements remain cold and unpleasant, suitable only for storage.

Our systems approach to homes includes the basement - an often overlooked part of a new home. We put insulation below the concrete slab so it's warmer to walk on and our exclusive Proud Foundations™ was designed with exterior foundation insulation and a waterproof elastomeric coating on the outside of the insultation to reduce the chance of foundation cracks or moisture issues due to condensation. This approach makes basements more comfortable and easier to maintain a pleasant indoor temperature. We believe a basement shouldn't just be the space underneath your home, it should be more of your home.

Our Proud Foundations™ come with a 30 year warranty against leaks!

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