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Urbandale Construction designs the home as a system to ensure all components are integrated and optimized for comfort and durability. It's what goes into the construction of an Urbandale R-2000 Home that sets it apart from other homes.

An Urbandale R-2000 Certified home is built to Canada's highest building standard using leading-edge building techniques. Urbandale Singles & Bungalows are ENERGY STAR® and R-2000 Certified. R-2000 goes beyond the ENERGY STAR® Standard to include improved indoor air quality, the use of environmentally preferred building materials and achieve higher levels of energy efficiency.

  • Urbandale Construction is an NRCan R-2000 licensed builder
  • R-2000 homes are evaluated, inspected and tested by an independent third-party Energy Evaluator
  • An Urbandale R-2000 home is on average 50% more energy efficient than a house built to code
  • Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) Green Home offers a 25% premium refund for homes built to the R-2000 Standard.
  • All R-2000 homes are certified by the Government of Canada


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