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Urbandale’s award winning Warranty Service department will be there for you after you move in to ensure any issues that come up after closing are dealt with quickly and professionally.  All of our purchasers have a personal Warranty Service Representative appointed to them that they can communicate with through email or by phone.  

By having one specific representative associated with your house, they will understand the history of your home which will make it easier to diagnose any potential problems.  For your convenience, you can also log onto our Customer Link to view a full list of any outstanding warranty claims.

 There is also a handy list of emergency contact numbers for heating, electrical and plumbing issues for any problems that need an immediate response 24/7 (for access to the emergency contact list, please click here)

Warranty Department    Please email us for prompt follow-up
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2193 Arch Street
Ottawa, ON
(613) 731-5963
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Mon – Thu 9am – 4pm
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