Urbandale Construction

Freshening Up On a Budget

You know that you want to bring some new life into your space, but don’t have a lot of cash to do so. So, what should you spend your money on? First and foremost – edit – it’s free! Take a good look at your space. Is it cluttered, lifeless or just not your style anymore?

Whatever the problem, a good edit can solve this. Start by taking everything off the coffee table, shelves, mantel and any other surface in the room. With the space now void of clutter and items, start by rearranging furniture. Orient the room in a different manner perhaps shift the focus to a comfortable seating area, as opposed to having all furniture focused on facing the TV. Try positioning an area rug on an angle, group smaller end tables in front of the sofa. You can even swap lamps, accessories and pieces of furniture from other rooms to create a new look. Don’t worry about matching sets; rooms look better when they have unexpected elements in them. Rearrange artwork or even group art pieces together in a gallery style feature wall or re-frame tired looking art pieces with simple and inexpensive black frames.